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Ghost Pictures
These are pictures that were taken by my team of ghost hunters who belong to the Naval Directorate of Ghostly Affairs. Edgar Allen Poe's House photo was taken in Baltimore by Seaman David Parkhurst, who has the distinct honor of being the first one in our group to capture a ghostly image. This was taken of a basement window and was tinted green for better clarity. At the time this photo was taken Edgar Allen Poe's house was closed for renovations.

Fort McHenry's ghostly image was taken by Photographer's Mate Airman Patricia Karchner in Philedelphia, PA. Again our team had just left this building and no one was there at the time this photo was shot.

Gettysburg's Window ghostly image was taken by Seaman Sarah Holm  of  a bathroom located in The Slaughter Pen area of the Valley of Death below Little Round Top and across the parking lot of Devils Den,  and again no one was there at the time this photo was taken.

Gettysburg's Spangler's Spring photo was taken by PHAN Patricia Karchner and contains three ghostly images. One on the far left of the outer bank, perhaps the lady in white? One in the middle of the inner bank, it is transparent but looks like it is kneeling. One in the middle outer bank, transparent image of a figure standing.

Farnsworth window image was taken by SN Sara Holm. Human form was caught on film at the time this room was empty.

Eyes at Hampton photo was shot by SN David Parkhurst.

Edgar Allen Poe's House

Fort Mchenry

Gettysburg Window

Spanglers Spring Gettysburg

Farnsworth Inn

Hampton Mansion


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