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Welcome To Ghostly Places!

Hello, Welcome to Ghostly Places! It is so good to have you! Please take a look around and spend some time reviewing all the data we have collected thus far.  Be sure to use google for all your search queries!

Welcome to the Naval Directorate of Ghostly Affairs' headquarters.Being a Navy Journalist who searched for evidence of the paranormal was an extraordinary experience!  We have searched for the truth in the paranormal since we began back in October 2000. No activity or hunts are being conducted. This could change but if it did, there would be a TV show involved. Currently, I reside in Paducah, KY.  I spend most of my time working as a news director for an AM station in the City of Metropolis, the Home of Superman!  In the meantime, this site stands as tribute to all my work and effort in exploring the paranormal. This web-site contains data I collected during my time in the service, and gathered with the help of others. Originally founded at Fort Meade, MD. While conducting serious investigations, this group has upheld the professional standards of the Navy:  Honor, Courage, and Commitment. The evidence collected is, of course, left to the viewer's own discretion. This group is not affiliated with any government agency, but if it was ... could we really say so?

What are Ghosts?
It is my belief that spirits are human beings after they have passed from this mortal coil. There are many different theroies as to what ghosts are and it varies from culture to culture. In the past, we have collected evidence of the paranormal. Evidence consists of photgraphs, evps, and personal accounts. Certainly, my evidence presented here is to the best of my ability. Spritual belief takes either faith or your own personal eye account. Hopefully, you will get some type of enjoyment or spark of interest in the information this web-site offers. I would like to start adding other people's ghostly accounts, so if you have one in mind send it to me and it will be featured in the near-future! Thanks for taking a look around; a lot of time went in to this, and it was sometimes tiresome, tedious, and frustrating. But never boring! Enjoy!
How do you catch a ghost on film?

It is suggested one shoot pictures with a rather fast speed and a medium aperture. In the past, this is what Naval photograhers have done and it seems to work. Nine times out of ten, one will capture an image of a ghost when one was not there during the shooting of the film. My explanation for this is that spirits perhaps, move at an incredible speed. I know from television programs displaying video evidence of ghosts will show a blur go across the screen, suggesting something moving at a high speed. Common sense also plays a relevant factor. When shooting at suspected haunted locations, one must envision what they would do if they were a spirit. Using this idea, I thought that a spirit would look out a window at people passing by or leaving the area. It's what I would do and it seems like a normal reaction for a human being to do when strangers are around. Remember go with your instincts!

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Over 20,000 visitors since this group came online in 2000, and still counting ...

Ghostly updates

February 17, 2005

Things on the home-front couldn't be more pleasing. My mom isn't 100 percent better but she is working! I have solved many of the problems that transitioning from military life to civillan often bring. I do work where I can find it and feel that my life is headed in a bold new brighter direction! Traffic may have died from this site but no worries. Someday I will pick up where I left off and perhaps my life's work will not all be in vain. For the past year or so  I scantly have had any encounters with anything remotely spooky, although every once in a while a faint but solid notion of future events pop up. A good example of this is while I was in the Keys I told my friend he would go to jail soon. Three days later he went to jail. Call it intuition if you will, but I think premonitions are in the realms of the supernatural. Throughout my life are instances peppered through the years of  this  phenomena. Why is it when sometimes listening to the radio you think of your favorite song and loe and behold you switch stations and there it is? Whose to say. I think mankind especially the 'powers that be' believe they have it figured out. With so many unexplained things happening world-wide on a daily basis; I think not!  Until next time stay blessed and may good fortune smile on you all!

January 20, 2005

Well alot has happened since my last journal entry. I left Fort Worth for the Florida Keys. I had to get away for awhile and get my head straight and I think it's pretty straight now. My mom is doing better actually and I'm back here in Funky Town. Things look brighter and I hope to step in a better direction for myself. I was employed while I was away but living arangements didn't work out, so I came back home. After all I experienced I am glad I'm home. Is it any wonder how some spirits might feel like they are homeless? (Notice how I'm swinging the subject around but built it up in the paragraph?) Seriously though, now that things are better for me I'm paving myself out a life . SO ghost hunting will have to take a back shelf for now until things are better financially. I wish to anyone reading this many blessings and brighter days. Peace

November 21, 2004

Since leaving the Navy and searching for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, I have met many interesting people. I got out in Dec of 2003. My only regret is that I wish I could spend more time doing what I love, which is ghost hunting. I reside now in Fort Worth, Texas and miss my ghost hunting days in the Navy. This doesn't mean my ghost hunting days are over, merely postponed until I find another stable role to fill in my life. I have been home for a while nursing my terminally ill mother but now her mental state has taken a turn for the worse. I am all on my own now and being 25 won't last forever. I'm not sure what  I will do at this point, hopefully whatever it is will lead me back to investigating the paranormal. For now I leave you with what I started, The Naval Directorate of Ghostly Affairs Ghostly Places web-site. My future goal with this site is to document my efforts in searching for the truth behind paranormal occurences. For example; where do ghosts come from, where do they go, how do they appear, why do they appear, what are their true motives, what are these supernatural beings. I want to gather my observations from these beings and hope to someday solve one of Earth's biggest mysteries, the Afterlife. Just how I plan to do this and still appear to the rest of the Earth that I am sane is always in the works. The first step to this goal is more EVP research. It is my belief that  manifestations of spirits can communicate through current scientific means. The trick is in isolating an entity and through cooperative interviewing I believe much needed answers are obtainable. Currently I therorize that some entities are able to make a parasitic connection with live hosts by causing the emotion of fear. So if you hear that bump in the night or the footsteps in the hallway, or wittness some activity beyond belief, just remember that fear could be their motivation. In some cases unwitting families who experience this fear when the supernatural occurrs are feeding this energy and it doesn't take long for things to turn into a full blown haunting. By then fear is no longer needed.  Once a force has amassed large ammounts of negative emotions it can feed off this residual energy for quite some time.    

July 02, 2003
Being in the Navy has made things so hetic that I haven't had the opportunity to conduct any new investigations. However, I will be getting out in the near future and that should considerably free up some more of my time. Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. To any who can't get the EVP's to work, use Window's Media Player. Keep the ghostly places coming as well. I plan to check out vistor's suggestions.

September 23, 2002
So much has happened since first forming this group. We have seen people come and go. One of our founding members, David Parkhurst, will always be missed. He lost his life tragically, but we will always remember his life and his imagination. Currently there are only two members in this group. Saddly, the second person is in MD while I am in VA, so we don't get together too often. I am looking for new members, contact me if you are in the the surrounding areas of MD or VA and are interested. We like to have lots of fun while we search for the paranormal and we go to a lot of cool places. As of right now, there are no trips planned but I intend for that to change in the not to distant future.

September 24, 2002
All my life I have lived with paranormal occurrences. Could there be a such thing as haunted people or perhaps haunted places or both. Whatever the case, it certainly is something to be mindful of. Check out Ghostly Accounts for the full story of my past dealings with the paranormal. I just want to give my thanks to those who've supported me through all my ghostly expeditions, and that's Sara and Melissa and David and of course, Patricia.

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